Why Dental Implants are the best solution to your missing teeth

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Dental Implants are today´s state-of-the-art teeth replacement option.

Dental implants offer the advantage of functional and naturally looking teeth. They act just like regular teeth when you chew and best of all, the will increase your confidence and bring out that beautiful smile. Even though they can seem expensive, overtime they are the most cost effective solution for missing teeth.

Our practice uses the latest technology in implant dentistry to provide a safe and precise outcome to our implant surgeries. All of our procedures are planned carefully. We maximize precision, anchorage and minimize risk. In the end it results in a better outcome for the patient.

Dr. Ordonez’s philosophy is to resemble nature cosmetically and functionally in a caring and compassionate environment.

Our office is equipped and certified to perform these procedures while the patient is asleep utilizing the safest method for IV sedation.

At Dr. Ordonez’s office, the surgical protocol for placing dental implants consists in three phases.

  • Phase One: Treatment Planning
    The first part is the diagnostic and treatment planning phase which consists of a comprehensive dental implant consultation. This involves a thorough evaluation of a 3D imaging exam utilizing Cone Beam CT technology. At this point we become aware of the amount of available bone in the site and soft tissue as well as the adjacent anatomical structures.
  • Phase Two: Surgery
    The surgical phase depends on the demands of the site in question. In some cases bone regeneration and sinus elevation may be needed before placing the implant. We explain this process to you during the diagnosis and treatment plan phase.
  • Phase Three: Restoration
    The third phase is the restorative in which we proceed to create a restoration always made in the finest and most durable materials available. This restoration includes the abutment and the final crown. An abutment is a component that acts as a connector between the dental implant and the crown. It is screwed into the threads of the implant and it is usually made of ceramic or titanium. The crown is the final restoration of a dental implant. The implant crown fits on the abutment and it should resemble nature aesthetically and functionally blending with the environment and going unnoticed.

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