Snoring Appliance

1. We can work with your physician and sleep specialist as part of a medical team.

2. We are a team of dentists trained in dental sleep medicine and we can select, fabricate, fit and adjust an oral appliance that will open your airway, reposition the lower jaw and tongue forward therefore treating the snoring and OSA. This treatment is a therapy and requires follow up visits and ideally post adjustment sleep studies to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. We can identify the risks factors and work with a Biofeedback technician that will help you lose weight, avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco products.

Indications of Oral Appliance Therapy

Patients with primary snoring or mild to moderate OSA who do not respond to or are not appropriate candidates for treatment with behavioral measures such as weight loss or sleep position change.

Patients with moderate to severe OSA should have an initial trial of CPAP due to greater effectiveness with the use of oral appliances.
Patients with moderate to severe OSA who are intolerant of or refuse treatment with nasal CPAP. Oral appliances are also indicated for patients who refuse or are not candidates for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, craniofacial operations or tracheotomy.