Simple Ways to Keep your Breath Fresh

We always seem to focus on the things we can see….but what about the things we can smell? Sweet smelling breath makes as big an impression on people as your pearly whites. Here are simple tips to avoid “morning mouth” and keep your breath smelling fresh throughout your day.

Oh No….Another Attack on Your Morning Joe?

Yes, sadly it’s true. Coffee can leave your breath smelling less than optimal. But there are other offenders in the morning beverage category. Certain teas and energy drinks that give your morning a “quick start” are filled with caffeine….which can inhibit the production of saliva. When the mouth is too dry, it allows oral bacteria to grow, causing “halitosis” or bad breath. You may consider opting for a morning smoothie, or citrus-infused water. Realistically, you can also have your cherished cup of Joe. Just make sure to hydrate afterwards with multiple glasses of water.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

A nutritious breakfast gets your saliva glands working. If you don’t have the time for a sit-down morning meal, take an apple or yogurt with you for the road.

Make Time in Your Morning Regimen for Thorough Oral Hygiene

Even if you’re a bit behind schedule, don’t skimp on time for brushing and flossing. Also, for those days when you just aren’t achieving that “total fresh feel,” add mouthwash to your morning mix.

Yet Another Reason to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes stains your teeth and impacts your breath. The chemical additives in the cigarettes, and the tiny smoke particles left in your throat and lungs make your breath stale. It’s just one more reason why smoking is so dangerously bad for you.

Keeping it Real on the Road

Oral hygiene isn’t something you can only do at home. Keep a dental kit of toothbrush, toothpaste and floss at your office desk and brush after lunch. For more “mobile” maintenance, look for those mini brush packs at the drug store and carry them in your purse or in your car’s glove compartment. Also, try loading up your travel mug with water instead of coffee. Water prevents dehydration, and stops oral bacteria from growing.

A Good Night’s Sleep is Key

How you breathe during the night impacts your breath. Mouth-breathers create a haven for oral bacteria. Things as simple as sleeping with a humidifier and having a bedside glass of water handy help your mouth stay moist.

When You Need More Help

These tips will help keep your breath fresh during the day. In some cases, morning breath is a signal for something more serious. Come and see me. We’ll get to the root of the problem, and work on a treatment plan to keep your breath fresh and smile bright.