Implant supported dentures or better known as Overdentures, are restorative prosthesis used when all teeth are lost or extracted and budget is limited. Usually two to four regular diameter implants or four to six mini implants can hold the denture in place. The denture and implants are connected by components known as attachments. There are different kinds and brands of attachments of different qualities and prices. We only use attachments which we consider the very best for you.

For this treatment option is very important to have a well designed denture that fit well, otherwise a new full denture is made to custom fit your mouth. An implant supported denture will make you chew better and look better increasing your self confidence and well being.

Implant supported dentures have several advantages over regular dentures. The denture will not tip or rub when you chew and will not loosen with time. It will not move as you speak.

Complete dentures present many disadvantages including: Loosing ability to taste and fully enjoy food since your palate is partially covered, and bone loss over time. Implant will allow us to remove the acrylic that covers your palate and reduce the overall size of the denture, this will translate in multiple benefits and comfort.

Dr. Ordonez is a specialist, a leading authority in dental implants and is a master trainer for Imtec, 3m , and Intralock (the top mini implant companies in the world). Our specialist has traveled all over the world teaching doctors the art and science of proper mini dental implant treatment.

We have patients with stable implant treatments that have been properly functioned for more than 14 years.

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