National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month – Time to keep your TMJ in check


They’re more than just another headache. They can negatively impact your life. But there are ways to diagnose and treat them. June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, an opportunity to learn more.

There are many different types of headaches, but migraines can be the especially debilitating. By keeping a “migraine diary,” you might be able to identify what triggers your migraines and work with your doctor to treat them. Triggers might include certain physical or environmental factors such as foods, hormonal changes, weather, and stress.

When is a headache bad enough to seek urgent treatment?

You are having your worst headache ever
You are having your worst migraine attack ever
Your headache is accompanied by the following symptoms:
– Unresolved loss of vision
– Loss of consciousness
– Uncontrolled vomiting
– The pain of your headache last more than 72 hours with less than a solid four-hour, pain-free period while awake
– You experience a headache or a migraine attack that presents unusual symptoms that are abnormal for you

TMJ is also a cause for headaches and migraines, and TMJ treatment can help manage these symptoms.