Dental Implants – Phase One: Treatment Planning

We have already discussed everything you need to know about dental implants and how these can make a huge impact not only on how your smile looks, but also how it feels.

Dental implants are sophisticated dental devices that must be place carefully to avoid complications or implant failure. In beginning to plan your dental implant procedure, I’ll be drawing upon my vast expertise to provide precisely the treatment and care that you need.

Your dental implant consultation begins with a review of your medical and dental history. Then, I’ll employ state-of-the-art 3-D imaging utilizing Cone Beam CT technology. During this imaging, the scanner will rotate around your head, obtaining nearly 600 distinct images. This data-rich procedure allows me to design a customized treatment plan for you. I’ll be assessing the bone at the implant site, as well as the soft tissue and the adjacent anatomical structures. For the implant to be successful, the jawbone has to be strong enough to hold and support the implant. Some of my patients have needed bone augmentation or bone grafting. This will be thoroughly discussed after I examine the results of your imagine. The imaging also shows me the location of nerves and sinuses (located above your upper teeth) so that they can be avoided during surgery.