Doctor References

“Having worked with Dr. Ordonez for over 10 years on very difficult and complex TMD patients I have seen him consistently obtain excellent results. His training at Tufts with Dr. Mehta, treatment philosophy, vast knowledge on occlusion and understanding the importance of the vertical dimension all contribute to his outstanding success rate.”

Jorge C. Coro


“I enjoy many challenging patients in my practice but I don’t enjoy TMJ patients so it has been a pleasure having Dr. Ordonez as a source that not only can I refer these patients to but who can also provide my patients with relief from their suffering.”

Dr. Raymond Kimsey

“For many years my office has been referring patients who suffer from TMJ to Dr. Ordonez. The results have been very successful. Dr. Ordonez has a professional demeanor and is highly qualified to treat patients who suffer from TMJ. Every patient that I have referred to him has left his office very content with him as a doctor, as well as the treatment they have received. I thank Dr. Ordonez for his professional attitude and kindness with my patients and myself.”

Jorge Balladares


“I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education, many at the Pankey Institute and Dr. Peter Dawson’s courses and understand traditional concepts of occlusion which have worked well for my patients over the past twenty-five years in practice. However when I have refractory patients who have not responded to traditional flat-plane or anterior guidance occlusal splint therapy, I have referred those patients to my friend, Dr. Alvaro Ordonez. His advanced training and research in this field have led to a level of understanding of Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction and head and neck pain that is exceptional. He has been able to effectivly manage even those difficult patients who have not responded to traditional therapy. Alvaro communicates with our office keeping us abreast of our patients diagnosis and progress and has encouraged our patients to return to our office once their condition has been resolved. We are fortunate to have this enthusiastic, talented clinician as a resource here in South Florida. Thanks again Alvaro!”

Dr. Larry Grillo