Dental Implants…How Costly Are They?

Ask any of your Florida friends and family about the cost of dental implants and no two stories will be alike. From Fort Lauderdale to Miami, fees seem to vary wildly.

If an implant seems to be in your future, you’re probably searching for answers and trying to understand the impact this could have on your budget. Why is it so hard to get an idea of the cost? What’s involved in terms of $$ and time. Let’s investigate…

My Cousin Shared Her Implant Costs. Will Mine Be About the Same?
Dental implants are highly customized for your teeth and mouth. It’s why the finished product looks and feels so natural. And, it’s why no two treatments – the procedures and the number of appointments – will be alike.

Why Are Implants More Costly Than Dentures?
Implants are a more permanent, comfortable solution than dentures. Dentures may be less expensive, but they require reshaping or replacement after time. The appearance and “feel” will never equal an implant, which feels like your own teeth.

I’ve Seen Ads in the Paper. Can I Take Their Advertised Price As My Guide?
Keep in mind the old adage, “It seems too good to be true…” Here’s what you need to understand. Implants usually necessitate bone augmentation, soft tissue treatment, extraction, abutment and a crown. Does the advertised price you saw include these? Probably not. Let’s discuss your specific dental needs – what will be involved in your customized procedure, and what to expect in terms of the various steps you’ll need.

Will Insurance Cover Any Part of the Procedures?
The implant procedure has many elements to it, oft-times including surgery. Most insurance will cover some stages of treatment. Many plans cover consultations, extractions (if necessary) and a portion of your bone restoration. Some even cover a portion of the surgery and the crown.

Can I Finance My Deductible?
My office will help you understand all the charges, and the ways in which the balance or deductible can be paid. We can also introduce you to Care Credit, a credit card for your health and beauty needs that features special health care financing monthly options. This financing helps make costly procedures more manageable. Together, we’ll work to create your customized treatment plan and financing option.