Be An Involved Participant in Your Dental Health

To maximize your dental health, don’t just show up for your next appointment, sit back, open your mouth wide and zone out. To achieve your best possible smile, let me know if anything has changed in your mouth and/or what dental health issues have been on your mind. Here are five questions that are a great starting point for our discussion.

  • Should I Share My Health Updates With You?
    This question works in two ways: Firstly, sharing your recent medical history with me may impact procedures I was considering for your treatment. Sometimes, too, I might see some side effects in your mouth from new medications you are taking. Secondly, because your dental health is so connected to your overall well-being, I may see changes in your teeth, tongue and gums that could be a signal of a systemic problem that must be communicated to your primary care physician.
  • What More Could I Be Doing To Improve My Dental Health?
    When I do my oral exam, there is a wealth of information I observe. For example, if the enamel on your teeth has become damaged, this could mean your diet has become overly acidic. Gingivitis and tartar indicate improper brushing or flossing. Bad breath could signify decay, dry mouth or an underlying health condition. After we speak about the changes, we’ll craft a plan to help you avoid future problems.
  • Are There Dental Products You Recommend For Me?
    Let’s discuss which toothbrush, toothpaste and floss is right for you. I may send you home with some samples to test to see if you like them. Also, if necessary, I might recommend some prescription-strength dental products.
  • Are There Dental Procedures That Could Help My Smile?
    With the science constantly evolving, there are many treatments you may not be aware of that could help improve the look and function of your teeth and gums. If I believe a procedure is indicated, we’ll talk about what’s involved, and how it could help. My staff can also find out whether your insurance will cover –or partially cover — these procedures.
  • What’s New in Dentistry?
    I’m very passionate about research and keeping current with updates in my field. New studies, products and procedures are constantly transforming dental care. I’m happy to share these advances with you. Together, we will take your smile to the next level.