Dr. Ordonez is a trained expert and professor on Temporomandibular disorders, dental occlusion and Orofacial Pain. He was trained at the Gelb Craniomandibular and Orofacial pain Center at Tufts University in Boston, Ma By Noshir Mehta, Albert Forgione and Harold Gelb. He is a recognized expert in the diagnosis, treatment and long term management of TMD that has been refractory to conventional, conservative and surgical treatment.

His field of practice is related to advanced implant dentistry and cosmetic reconstruction of dentitions that have been destroyed by parafunctional habits like clenching and grinding.

The doctor performs the surgical and reconstructive aspects of advanced cosmetic implant dentistry in a pain and anxiety free environment. His dentistry is customized to the specific needs of his patients and his philosophy of practice is to give them the kind of dentistry that they dream of without compromising the stability and longevity of his dental work. Dr. Ordonez dentistry is performed in a comprehensive and gentle manner. He doesn’t treat teeth, he treats human beings! His work is the perfect integration of function and cosmetics!

Dr. Ordonez is a well known international speaker in the fields of dental implants, TMD, dental occlusion and facial pain. His involvement in the dental community as an expert and educator has span through out his career from the moment he began as a dental student. He teaches and lectures regularly at the University of Florida and the Veterans Hospital in Miami. He teaches residents the clinical and academic aspects of TMD, Dental occlusion and facial pain. He has been an honored guest speaker at the Miami Childrens Hospital, the University of Miami, and the Jackson Memorial Hospital, as well as a professor at both Tufts University and Nova Southeasten University. As a result, he has been recognized by many educational institutions and dental societies.

Dr. Ordonez has worked as a consultant and speaker for multiple companies such as Tekscan in Boston- a company involved in the development and promotion of the T- Scan II (a device for computerized occlusal analysis), Neurodyne (testing their EMG devices), Energex (testing their radio frequency device), Henry Schein (promoting technology and CE in the caribbean), Discus dental (lecturing on the Zoom whitening system in the caribbean), Dental Concepts (giving workshops and writing about Bruxguard protocols), Lifecore (teaching courses in the caribbean, USA and South America), Imtec (trainer for the Endure system and Mini Implants certification in Miami), Biolock and MIS (lecturing about their implant systems).

Dr. Ordonez continuously conducts clinical and industrial research. He recently invented a technique for atraumatic elevation of the Maxillary Sinuses. In addition, with Biomaster in Colombia, he developed a revolutionary membrane design that could be used to correct perforations of the sinus membrane during sinus elevation procedures and have additional medical applications. His new implant related surgical devices are: Maser Master, Maser Pro and Softimak which are tools for minimally invasive procedures in Bone engineering, Sinus elevation and Soft Tissue management around Implants.

His multimedia book “TMD Tactics” was finished in 2006 and has been translated into various languages. His book, “TMD and Facial pain, A guide for the clinician” is currently being edited and will be published by the end of next year in both spanish and english.

Dr. Ordonez’s practice is located in a state of the art facility that was completely renovated in the spring of 2005. It is stocked with the latest and finest equipment in order to asist him in his endeavor to perform the best possible dental work. The latest addition to his high tech diagnostic devices is a 2009 Iluma Cone Beam Computerized tomogram (CBCT).

He spent the whole year 2008 dedicated to improve his diagnostic and planning skills in CBCT as well as incorporating the information collected from the CBCT images into his work. As a result, TMJ diagnosis is more precise and implant related procedures are less invasive and more detailed. It has been designed with the practitioner in mind.

Our approach is focused on solution- meaning that we specify each treatment plan in order to accomodate the patient’s specific needs and desires. Our goal is to work alongside our patients in order to “re-design”  their smiles, achieving proper function and pleasing aesthetics.